About Us

Founded by Reagan Campbell, Hello PWS started as a way to connect with others who live a wonderful life with PWS! 
Reagan currently resides in Los Angeles, California and is 24 years old. She prides herself on her confidence and ability to teach others that life will be JUST FINE with a vascular facial difference. 
At the age of a few weeks old, Reagan had her first of many laser surgeries. She continued on to have a total of 6 laser treatments before the age of 5 when her parents decided to stop treatment. Reagan struggled with bullying growing up and believes this is why she is such a strong individual in her adult life. She has no interest in pursuing treatment further unless medically necessary. Thankfully, she is lucky enough to not have Sturge Weber Syndrome (typically associated with vascular birthmarks). 
To connect with Reagan and share your story, follow along on Instagram @helloportwinestain. After all, #itsjustabirthmark! Thanks for being here.